When a customer goes through checkout, the information on their order is automatically transferred to the Orders section for you to keep track of. In the administration, you can view all of the orders made on their site and edit the details of existing orders.

Orders List

Go to EShop -> Sales -> Orders to access to orders section of EShop. From the orders list, you can click on Edit link to edit an order or click on Download Invoice to download invoice for an order in PDF format.

Edit an order

Click on the Edit link on the list to edit an order. Order information is divided into some tabs.

Order General

General tab will show essential information of an order:

  1. Products in order (Name, Model, Quantity, Unit Price, Total Price, Options)
  2. Sub-Total, Tax, Shipping, Coupon, Voucher and final Total.
  3. Payment Method, Shipping Method and customer comment.

In the tab, admin is able to change order status. The notification email will be sent to customer once status is changed if the Send Email Notification is ticked.

Order Customer Details

This tab shows Customer Details and allows admin to change the details.

Order Payment Details

This tab shows the Payment Details and allows admin to change the details.

Order Shipping Details

This tab shows Shipping Details and allows admin to change the details.