EShop supports you to add custom labels for any products in your store easily. Labels can be texts, icons or images with fully customizable display.

Labels List

Go to EShop -> Catalog -> Labels to access to labels section of EShop.

Create New/Edit a label

Click on the New button on the toolbar OR click on the label name on the list to create new/edit a label.

Name Name of label. This will be used as text of label.
Style Style of label. There are 3 styles: Rotated, Round and Horizontal.
Position The position to put label on the product image. There are 4 positions: Top & Left, Top & Right, Bottom & Left, Bottom & Right.
Bold Bold the label.
Background Color Background color of label.
Foreground Color Foreground color of label.
Opacity Opacity of label. Values from 10% to 100%.
Enable Image If yes, then image will be used as label.
Image Choose an image from your computer to upload as label.
Image Width Width of image.
Image Height Height of image.
Select Products Choose products to assign label to.
Select Manufacturers Choose manufacturers to assign label to the products in that manufacturers.
Select Categories Choose categories to assign label to the products in that categories.
Start Date The start date that label will be available.
End Date The date that label will be un-available.
Published Publish the label or not.

Label on the front-end side

A product can have multiple labels which are assigned to it. When a product has labels, it will look like as following: