Payment Plugins

EShop supports payment plugins so developers can develop and add more payment gateways to the store. You can check the documentation to Develop Payment Plugins to develop your own payment plugins if you want.

Built-in Payment Plugins

EShop has 5 built-in payment plugins which are included into the EShop package core and they are ready for you to use immediately after you completed installing EShop on your site:

  1. Paypal Standard
  3. Eway
  4. Offline Payment
  5. Offline Credit Card Processing

Go to EShop -> Plugins -> Payments to access to payment plugins section of EShop. From the list of payment plugins, you should only publish the payment plugins that you want to use for your store and unpublished the remains payment plugins. We also developed many other EShop payment plugins as extra add-ons which can be found at:

Extra Payment Plugins

  1. EShop PayPal Pro
  2. EShop Stripe
  3. EShop DPS Px Pay
  4. EShop 2Checkout
  5. EShop FirstData E4
  6. EShop Securepay
  7. EShop Payflow Pro
  8. EShop Sagepay
  9. EShop NAB Transact
  10. EShop Worldpay
  11. EShop Payfast
  12. EShop iDEAL Mollie
  13. EShop Sisow
  14. EShop SIM
  15. EShop CCAvenue
  16. EShop Migs: MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (Australia)
  17. EShop Moneris
  18. EShop Eprocessing Network
  19. EShop Ipay88
  20. EShop Paytrace
  21. EShop Braintree
  22. EShop BPOINT
  23. EShop Merchante - Solutions
  24. EShop Buckaroo
  25. EShop CardSave
  26. EShop Coinbase
  27. EShop FirstData Connect
  28. EShop GoCardless
  29. EShop MIGS 3-Party
  30. EShop MIGS 2-Party
  31. EShop Netaxept
  32. EShop Netbanx
  33. EShop PaymentExpress PXPay
  34. EShop PaymentExpress PXPost
  35. EShop Pin
  36. EShop Securepay DirectPost
  37. EShop TargetPay
  38. EShop FirstData Global E4
  39. EShop FirstData Payeezy
  40. EShop PayU Latam
  41. EShop PayPlug
  42. EShop Saferpay
  43. EShop Epay
  44. EShop BluePay
  45. EShop Sofort Ɯberweisung
  46. EShop Squareup
  47. EShop Cybersource
  48. EShop Paynow
  49. EShop Beanstream
  50. EShop PayU Latam
  51. EShop PayUmoney
  52. EShop Skrill (MoneyBookers)

Install a new payment plugin

Sometime, you will need to use a payment plugin which is not a built-in payment plugin. In this case, you might have to purchase it at (if it is available) or develop it by yourself (or hire someone to develop it for you). Once you got the payment plugin package, you will need to install it. Following are steps to install a new payment plugin:

  1. Go to EShop -> Plugins -> Payments
  2. Scroll to bottom of the page.
  3. Click on Browse button to browse to the payment plugin package.
  4. Click on Install button to process the installation.

Config a payment plugin

Click on the payment plugin name on the list to config it. Each payment plugin has parameters which are defined in the xml file that you can enter value for them. In the next parts, we will guide you how to configure payment plugins in EShop:

  1. PayPal
  3. EWay
  4. Offline
  5. Offline Credit Card
  6. PayPal Pro