EShop supports downloadable products. So you can sell anything on your store: physical products, extensions, movies, music files, documentation, ebooks, etc.

Downloads List

Go to EShop -> Catalog -> Downloads to access to Downloads section of EShop.

Create New/Edit a download

Click on the New button on the toolbar OR click on the download name on the list to create new/edit a download.

Name Name of download.
File Name
Choose a file from your computer to upload.
Overwrite Existing File
If ticked, then existed file will be overwrite.
Select a file
In the case you have the big files that you can not upload them here, you can upload them via FTP to folder media/com_eshop/downloads, then simply select the file from drop down list here.
Total Downloads Allowed
Enter number of times that customer will be allowed to download the file.

How to setup downloadable products

After creating download files, now to set up a downloadable product, you just need to assign the product to corresponding download files by going to edit the product, click on Data tab, choose the download files from the list and save. A product can be assigned to multiple files. Customer after purchasing downloadable products, they will be able to download the files via Downloads section on the front-end side: