Install EShop Squareup

EShop Squareup is an extra payment plugin in EShop. To have it on your store, you must go to EShop -> Plugins -> Payments and choose os_eshop_squareup.zip package to install it (Read more about how to install payment plugin in EShop at http://eshopdocs.joomservices.com/plugins-and-themes/payment-plugins#install-a-new-payment-plugin)

Config EShop Squareup

Go to EShop -> Plugins -> Payments, then click on os_squareup to edit it

  1. Application ID: Enter the Application ID of your Squareup account.
  2. Location ID: Enter the Location ID of your Squareup account.
  3. Access Token: Enter the Access Token of your Squareup account.
  4. Icon: If you want to show icon instead of payment method title on checkout, upload it to media/com_eshop/payments folder and enter the name of the file here. For example os_squareup.png
  5. Payment Fee (Fixed amount): Enter a fixed amount of payment fee.
  6. Payment Fee (Percentage): Enter a number of percentage of Sub Total as payment fee.
  7. Minimum Sub Total: Enter the sub total of order must reach to make the Squareup to be available as a payment plugin. Leave it 0 if you don't want to use.
  8. Customer Groups: Choose the customer group(s) to make the Squareup to be available with customers from that customer group(s). Don't choose any groups if you don't want to use.
  9. Tax Class: Choose a tax class for the payment plugin.
  10. Geo Zone: Choose a geo zone for payment plugin.

    Payment Fee = Payment Fee (Fixed amount) + Payment Fee (Percentage) * SubTotal / 100