EShop supports Notify feature to send the notification email to customers when products come back in the stock.

Enable Notify button

To show the Notify button for a specific product, you should:

  1. Go to EShop -> System -> Configuration -> Option tab, choose Yes for Allow Notify.
  2. Go to edit the product, under Data tab, enter the zero or negative value for Quantity. When the product quantity is <= 0, then on the front-end side, Notify button will be displayed automatcially.

Notify form

After clicking on Notify me button, a form will be displayed to allow customer to enter their email address to submit to the admin. When product is in stock, the notification email will be sent to that email address.

Notify List

Go to EShop -> Sales -> Notify to see list of notify requests.

You need to enable EShop Notify Plugin to send the notification email. Please read about EShop Notify Plugin for more details.