iDEAL Mollie

Install EShop iDEAL Mollie

EShop iDEAL Mollie is an extra payment plugin in EShop. To have it on your store, you must go to EShop -> Plugins -> Payments and choose package to install it (Read more about how to install payment plugin in EShop at

Config EShop iDEAL Mollie

Go to EShop -> Plugins -> Payments, then click on os_ideal_mollie to edit it

  1. API Key: Enter the API Key of your iDEAL Mollie account.
  2. Payment Fee (Fixed amount): Enter a fixed amount of payment fee.
  3. Payment Fee (Percentage): Enter a number of percentage of Sub Total as payment fee.
  4. Minimum Sub Total: Enter the sub total of order must reach to make the iDEAL Mollie to be available as a payment plugin. Leave it 0 if you don't want to use.
  5. Customer Groups: Choose the customer group(s) to make the iDEAL Mollie to be available with customers from that customer group(s). Don't choose any groups if you don't want to use.
  6. Tax Class: Choose a tax class for the payment plugin.
  7. Geo Zone: Choose a geo zone for payment plugin.

    Payment Fee = Payment Fee (Fixed amount) + Payment Fee (Percentage) * SubTotal / 100