EShop supports custom fields for Billing Address and Delivery Address. So you have full control of fields at Step 2 (Billing Details) and Step 3 (Delivery Details) of Checkout page.

Custom Fields List

Go to EShop -> Sales -> Fields to access to Fields section of EShop. There are totally of 13 core fields which are supported by EShop.

Core field nameDescription
First Name field.
Last Name field.
Email field.
telephone Telephone field.
Fax field.
company Company field.
company_id Company ID field.
First Address field.
address_2 Second Address field.
City City field.
postcode Post Code field.
country_id Country field.
zone_id Zone field.

Create New/Edit a field

Click on the New button on the toolbar OR click on the field name on the list to create new/edit a field.

Field General

Title Title of field.
Description of field.
Needed for Select, Checkboxes, Radio custom fields. Each value need to be in one line.
Default Values
For Select, Checkboxes, and Radio custom fields, you can have multiple default values. In this case, each value need to be in one line
Validation error message
You can enter the validation error message here. If it is empty, then default message will be used.

Field Data

Name of field.
Field type
Type of field: Text, Textarea, Select List, Checkboxes List, Radio List, Countries or Zone.
Address type
Billing Address or Shipping Address or Both.
Required Required or not.
Validation rules
Choose validation rules.
Validation string Enter validation string.
Size Size of field.
Max length
Max length (for Text field)
Rows Number of rows (for Textarea field)
Cols Number of cols (for Textarea field)
Extra attributes Enter extra attributes (optional)
Published Published or not.

Custom fields at checkout

Custom fields at Step 2: Billing Details

Custom fields at Step 3: Delivery Details

Display custom fields anywhere

When you add more custom fields to your system to collect more information from the customers, then you would like to see them in the invoice, in the notification emails, etc. Then simply go to EShop -> System -> Messages, then click on a message to edit and adding tags of custom fields there.

The format of tags should be [PAYMENT_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME] (for Billing custom field) and [SHIPPING_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME] (for Shipping custom field).

Example, you added a new custom field with name is interesting, then the tags should be [PAYMENT_INTERESTING] and [SHIPPING_INTERESTING].