The Options section lets you customize what details the customer sees when checking out a product. On the product page, the Available Options section is displayed under the price. The option for that product must be selected before the customer can add the product to the shopping cart.

The image below displays the default options, but you can choose to edit or delete any of them. Essentially, the options can be created to fit whatever added specifications are needed for the customer to purchase the product.

Options List

Go to EShop -> Catalog -> Options to access to options section of EShop.

Create New/Edit an option

Click on the New button on the toolbar OR click on the option name on the list to create new/edit a option.

Name of option.
Option Type Select a type of option. EShop supports 8 main option types: Select List, Radio List, Checkbox List, File, Text, Text area, Time and Date Time.
Option Image Browse to an image from your computer to upload.
Option Description Description of option.
Published Published this option or not.