Purchase EShop

As you may know, EShop Shopping Cart extension is a paid Joomla extension. You must purchase it (the cost is $39.99 for the full package) to use it on your site and get our free supports. With each license of EShop, you can install and use it on any websites / domains that you have. However, you get only our free supports for one website / domain for each purchased license. So if you would like to get our free supports for multiple websites / domains, then you must purchase multiple licenses of EShop, each license for one website / domain.

Following is the link to purchase EShop from our official website:

EShop package includes:

  1. EShop Shopping Cart component
  2. EShop Advanced Search module - to allow customers to search for products will multiple search options.
  3. EShop Shopping Cart module - to show products in the cart via a mini shopping cart.
  4. EShop Category module - to show list of categories in store like a menu.
  5. EShop Currency module - to show list of currencies in store, allows customers to switch between currencies easily.
  6. EShop Manufacturer module - to show list of manufacturers in store in slide mode.
  7. EShop Product module - to show list of products in store with many configurable options.
  8. EShop Quote module - to show products in the quote cart via a mini quote.
  9. EShop Ajax Search module - to allow customer make a quick search with results to be displayed in a ajax drop down window.
  10. EShop Product Tags module - to show list of product tags in store.
  11. EShop Category plugin - to show products list of a specific category in a Joomla article.
  12. EShop Product plugin - to show a specific product details in a Joomla article.
  13. EShop Currency plugin - to update exchange rate between currencies in store.
  14. EShop Notify plugin - to send notify to customer when products are available.
  15. EShop Membership Pro plugin - to integrate EShop with Membership Pro.
  16. EShop Search plugin - to integrate EShop with default Joomla search function.
  17. EShop User plugin - to integrate EShop customers with Joomla users.
  18. All of supported language packages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Germany, Greek, Hungarian, Russian, Turkey, Portugal, Brazilian, Italian, Finnish, Croatian, Hebrew and more.
  19. 5 default payment plugins: Offline, Offline Credit Card, Standard PayPal, EWay and
  20. 9 default shipping plugins: Free Shipping, Flat Shipping, Item Shipping, Quantity Shipping, Price Shipping, Weight Shipping, Australia Post Shipping, Australia Post Pro Shipping, UPS Shipping.

All of them are in a package and you just need to install the package one time, then they are all installed on your site and ready to be used.

System Requirements

EShop requires certain technical requirements to be met for the store to operate properly:

  1. Joomla! 3.x.
  2. Web Server (preferably Apache) with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib.
  3. PHP 5.3.10 or higher.
  4. MySQL 5.1 or higher.
  5. Curl extension.

These extensions must be enabled for EShop to install properly on the web server.

How to get supports

After purchasing and using EShop, if you have any questions or need any supports, you can choose one of following ways to get our free supports:

  1. Find / Post questions in EShop Forum:
  2. Login to our website and submit a new ticket to EShop category:
  3. Drop us an email to
  4. Use Contact Form at our website:
  5. Contact me directly via Skype: outsourcepro

We give you 24/7 supports which will make you happy when using our extensions and services.