System - Email Registrants

This plugin allows you to send registrants of events (in CSV/Excel format) automatically to administrator and event creator/owner X days/hours before event started.

Configure The Plugin

To have system send registrants to administrators email, you need to go to Extensions -> Plugins, find and publish System - Email Registrants plugin. The plugin will be run every 20 minutes (the frequency is configurable) to check and send emails to administrators. It has following parameters, you can review and change it to meet your own need if needed

  • Number Of Days/Hours: Enter Number Of Days/Hours before Event Date the system will prepare registrants list in Excel/CSV file and send it to administrators.
  • Days Or Hours: Together with Number Of Days/Hours parameter, it will control how many days (if this parameter set to Days) or hours (if this parameter set to Hours) before event date, the registrants list will be emailed.


Configure Email Subject and Email Body

Go to Events Booking -> Emails & Messages, find the two items below and change it to meet your own need if needed:

  • Send Registrants List Email Subject
  • Send Registrants List Email Body

You can use any tags listed in this page Event Information Tags to include event information in the email message. You can also use [TOTAL_REGISTRANTS] tag to show total number registrants of the event in the email.

Use Cron Job

By default, Events Booking uses a system plugin to trigger sending registrants emails process. That mean it requires someone access to the site (search engine bots are also counted) to trigger process. Sometime, it is not reliable or causes multiple emails sent to administrators in case your site has a very high traffic. To address that limitation, you can setup cron job from your hosting account to trigger sending registrants instead. Please see detailed instructions below:

  1. Go to Extensions -> Plugins, find the plugin System - Email Registrants , click on it to edit. You should see a parameter called Trigger Code . Enter a secret string there.

  2. Setup a cron job to make a request to this URL using CURL (note that you should use the CURL so that the variable can be passed in the GET request, see for detailed instructions

  • Replace with URL of your site
  • Replace SECRETCODE with the secret string which you entered in the Trigger Code parameter

That will make the reminder only processed when there is a request made to that URL (which should be secret as no real users will access to that URL). It will make it more reliable compare to replying a system plugin.


Control the time registrants sent

If you want the registrants sent at a certain time in the day only (in the Time Zone configured in Website Time Zone config option in System -> Global Configuration of your site), you can use Time Ranges parameter inside the plugin. For example, set it to 5,14 will make the system only send registrants from 5am to 2pm. Set it to 8,10;14:18 will allow sending registrants between 8 to 10 am and 2pm to 6pm.