Offline Payment

Offline payment plugin is a special payment plugin comes with the extension. It allows registrants to make payment for the registration later (not at the time they register for the event) by bank transfer, by cash...

When registrants choose offline payment for the registration, the system will mark the registration status as Pending. It will also display a message which guide registrants how to make payment.... This guide will also be sent to them via email

After receiving payment from registrants for the registration, admin will login to backend of the site, click on the subscription record, change the status from Pending to Paid (approve the registration)

If you use Offline Payment on your site, please go to Events Booking => Emails & Messages, find and change the following messages to meet your need (mostly guide users how to send payment to you):

  1. User email body (offline payment)
  2. Thank you message (offline payment)

Additional Offline Payment Plugins

Events Booking only has one offline payment plugin comes with it by default. We created two additional offline payment plugins here in case you need it. Just download and install to use it