Event Custom Fields

Events Booking allows creating custom fields to display more information about the event if needed (beside basic information such as title, event date, location, description....). For example, if you create an event which has different price for different types of registrant (Adult, Children...), you might want to create custom fields to show these price on events list and event detail page. If so, you can follow the steps below to setup it:

  1. Change necessary settings in Configuration of Events Booking. Go to Events Booking => Configuration:
    • Set Event Custom Field config option to Yes
    • By default, Events Booking only show these custom fields on event detail page. If you want to show these custom fields on events list page, look at Themes tab, find and set the config option Show event custom fields in category view to Yes
  2. Go to Events Booking -> Configuration, look at Event Custom Fields tab, define custom fields you want (the custom fields need to be defined via an XML file in this case). If you do not see the tab, please go to Extensions -> Plugins, find and enable one of the two plugins Editor - CodeMirror or Editor - None. You can also open the file components/com_eventbooking/fields.xml and edit directly if you want. There are two custom fields defined by default : A textbox custom field and a textarea custom field. You can define similar custom fields in the fields. The list of supported custom field types can be found at http://docs.joomla.org/Standard_form_field_types . For your need, I believe you only need to use the following field types:


  1. Now, when you add/edit an event, you will see a new tab called Extra Information. You can enter value for the custom fields you created in this tab and these information will be showed in the frontend (on the category page and event details page) when users browse for events.
  2. By default, all custom fields which you created for the event will be displayed on events list and event detail page. If you want to show custom fields base on access level, you can add an access attribute to each field using syntax access="ID_OF_JOOMLA_ACCESS_LEVEL". For example, access="1" will make the fields visible to everyone (Public), access="2" will make the field visible to everyone has Registered access level, access="3" will make the field visiable to everyone has Special access level, access="6" will make the field visible to everyone has Super Users access level (You can access to Users -> Access Levels to see all avaialble access levels on your site).

Extra Information

Use Event Custom Fields In Email

Beside being used to display more information about events, event custom fields can also be used in email messages, too:

  • The data which you entered into event custom fields can be inserted into email if needed. Just use the syntax [NAME_OF_FIELD_IN_UPPERCASE] . For example, if you have a field with name field_speaker, you can use the tag [FIELD_SPEAKER] to insert value of that custom field into email
  • Sometime, you would want to use a field in email only, not being displayed to users when they view your event. In that case, you can handle it using show attribute. Just enter show="false" or show="0" into that field and it won't be displayed.