By default, Events Booking uses TCPDF library to generate PDF (invoices, member cards). While it is good, does not have good support for css and good documentation, so we decided to implement a new plugin called Events Booking - MPDF to address these limitations.

  1. Go to Extensions -> Manage, install the downloaded plugin.
  2. Go to Extensions -> Plugins, find and publish Events Booking - MPDF plugin.
  3. Access to Events Booking , then Tools -> Download MPDF Fonts to download fonts required for MPDF library to work. These fonts have large size, so we could not ship with Events Booking package by default.
  4. The best thing about MPDF is that it supports css very well (see for full documentation), so you should enter necessary css code to improve the layout of the generated PDF file. There are two ways to enter css code for PDF layouts as described below:

Use PDF CSS config option

  1. Go to Extensions -> Plugins, make sure Editor - CodeMirror plugin is enabled.
  2. Go to Events Booking -> Configuration, look at PDF Settings tab, look at PDF CSS and enter css code to change appearance of PDF file there.

Enter CSS Code into CSS file directly

  • The common css code for PDF can be entered into plugins/eventbooking/mpdf/css/pdf.css
  • The css code for PDF Invoices can be entered into plugins/eventbooking/mpdf/css/invoice.css
  • The css code for PDF Tickets can be entered into plugins/eventbooking/mpdf/css/ticket.css
  • The css code for PDF Certificates can be entered into plugins/eventbooking/mpdf/css/certificate.css

Use Custom Font

The MPDF library only supports certain fonts. If you want to use custom TTF fonts :

  • Upload these font files to plugins/eventbooking/mpdf/mpdf/ttfonts folder.
  • Create file plugins/eventbooking/mpdf/config.php with the content below (You actually can just rename the file plugins/eventbooking/mpdf/config.php.dist and adjust it) :
 * @package        Joomla
 * @subpackage     Events Booking
 * @author         Tuan Pham Ngoc
 * @copyright      Copyright (C) 2010 - 2023 Ossolution Team
 * @license        GNU/GPL, see LICENSE.php

defined('_JEXEC') or die;

// This is a sample config.php file which can be used to load custom font into MPDF, see for documentation
return [
    'fontdata'     => [ // lowercase letters only in font key
        'frutiger' => [
            'R' => 'Frutiger-Normal.ttf',
            'I' => 'FrutigerObl-Normal.ttf',
    'default_font' => 'frutiger',

    // You can also pass following custom config keys with it values to override default settings if needed

    //  'default_font_size' => 10,
    //  'margin_left'       => 0,
    //  'margin_top'        => 0,
    //  'margin_right'      => 0,
    //  'margin_bottom'     => 0,
    //  'margin_footer'     => 0,

As you can see from the code above, frutiger is font family, Frutiger-Normal.ttf is the font file for Regular style, FrutigerObl-Normal.ttf is the font file for Italic style. See for more details documentation

  1. Use css font-family to set font use to generate PDF if needed
 font-family: "Times New Roman";