Add New Event

From events management page, press New button in the toolbar to create new event. A form will be displayed to allow you to enter information of the event.

Basic Information

Property Description
Title Title of the event.
Alias Alias will be used to generate the URL link to the event details page. If you unsure what to enter, simply leaves it empty and the system will generate the alias based on the title of the event
Category Select main category of the event. Main category is important, it is used to get list of custom fields will be displayed on registration form of that event if you choose to assign custom fields to categories instead of to events in Configuration of Events Booking. It is also used to generate part of url to link to event detail page of an event
Additional categories Choose the additional categories which the event will be assigned to.
Thumb Image If the event has thumbnail image, you can browse for the image to upload it for the event. It will be displayed on event list and event detail page
Location Choose the location of the event. If an event has a location, when users view this event, they will be able to see the location on a Google Map, get direction to that locations... on the map.
Event Start Date That date of the event. After this date, users will no longer be able to register for this event
Events End Date The end date of the event. If you don't want to display event end date in the frontend, simply leave it empty
Registration Start Date By default, the registration for the event will be enabled right after you publish event. If you only want to enable registration from a certain date, please select a date for this field
Cut off date If you select a date for this field, registration will be displayed after this date. Usually, cut off date (if use) should be before event start date. In some special case, if you want the event to be displayed or still allow registration after event date, you can select Cut off date after Event date.
Price The price for individual user to register for that event. If you don't setup group registrations rate, when users perform group registration, the price users have to pay will be the Price multipled with number of members in the group. If you set Price to 0, the event will be free and users won't have to pay when register for that event
Capacity Maximum number of registrants can register for this event. When number of registrants reached this capacity, users will no longer be able toregister for this event. Enter 0 (or leave it empty) if you allows un-limited number of registrants
Tax rate Enter tax rate for this event. If you leave this field empty, no tax will be charged
Registration Type Choose the registration type you want to allow for this event. There are 4 options: Both individual and Group registration, Only Individual registration, Only Group registration, Disable registration (choose this option if you only want to display this event to users without registration enabled). Please note that this setting has no affect if you use shopping cart feature
Custom Registration Handle URL If you want to handle registration for this event outside of Events Booking (for example, on an external site), enter the URL of that page here. Then when users click on Register button to register for the event, they will be redirected to the entered url
Attachment If you want to send a file attachment to registrants when they register for the event, choose and upload that file here. By default, the file will only be sent to registrant email. If you want to display it on event detail page so that users can download it, go to Events Booking -> Configuration, look at Themes tab, find and set the config option Show attachment in frontend to Yes
Short description Short description will be used to show on events list page (whe users browse for events from a category or view upcoming events page)
Description Full description of the event. It will be displayed on event details page. If you don't enter description, the short description will be used to display on event details page.

Basic Information

Group Registration Rates

If you want to change registration price base on on number of registrants of a registration, you can define group registration rates. The purpose of it is giving discount for registration in case users register for more number of registrants. For example, you can setup an event with the following price structure:

  1. Price : 100$
  2. Group Registration Rates
Registrants Number Rate/Person
2 90
5 80
8 70

With the above setup:

  1. If you register for that event for agroup contains 8 or more members, the price for each member will be 70$.
  2. If you register for that event for agroup from 5 to 7 members, the price for each member will be 80$.
  3. If you register for that event for agroup from 2 to 4 members, the price for each member will be 90$.

The idea is the more number of registrants you register for the registration, the lower price you will have to pay for each member.

Group Registration Rate


Property Description
Event Password If you want your event to be private, you can enter a password here. By entering a password, users will need to know this password to register for this event
Access Choose the access level which you want to be able to to access to this event (usually Public). By choosing an access level, only users has this access level can access/see the event.
Registration Access Choose the access level which you want to be able to to register to this event (usually Public). For example, if you only want registered users on your site to be able to register for this event, set this field to Registered
Min Number of Registrants For Group Registration Set minimum registrants for group registration. Leave it empty and will be set to 2
Max Number of Registrants For Group Set maximum registrants for group registration. If you leave it empty, the system will limit it to 10
Enable Coupon Select the registration type which you want to enable coupon feature for this event
Enable Cancel registration Set to Yes if you want to allows registrants to be able to cancel the registration for their registration of registration. If you set to Yes, you will need to choose a date in Cancel before date field and registrants can only cancel their registration before that date. Usually, that date need to be a date before the event start date
Auto reminder Set it Yes if you want the system to send reminder emails to registrants X-days before the event started so that they will know about it and arrange their time to attend for the event. Please remember to enter number of days into Remind registrant before field. For example, if you enter 5 days, the reminder email will be sent to registrants 5 days before the event started

Misc settings

Discount Settings

On add/edit event page, look at Discount Setting tab and you will be able to setup discount and late fee for the registration of this event

Property Description
Member Discount Groups Select the user groups you want to give members discount for this event. If you don't choose any groups, every users(who has account and logged in during the registration) will receive members discount.
Discount Amount(s) Set up discount type for registered user, either by Percent or by Amount. If you want different groups to receive different discount amounts, separate the discount amounts with comma. For example, in the sample setup in image below, users from Author group will receive 20% discount while users from Editor group will receive 30% discount. If all groups have same discount amount, just enter that discount amount into this field
Early bird discount This discount settings allows you to give discount for registrants who register before a certain date (Early Bird Discount Date). This will encourage users to register for the events early. For this discount type, you can also offer fixed discount amount or discount by percent
Late Fee Amount This setting allows you to charge addition fee for registrants who register after a certain date (Late Fee Date). This will encourage users to register for the events early. For this type of fee, you can also offer fixed discount amount or discount by percent

Discount Settings

Advanced Settings

This tab allows your event to have some settings which allows you to override the settings in Configuration (which is used for all other events). By providing the settings on this tab, EB provide you a flexible way to setup the events in your system: Each events can have it own settings. If you don't enter any settings on this tab, the settings in Global configuration will be used. So only touch this tab if you want this individual has some specific settings which is different from other events.

The table below listed important settings which you might consider using it:

Property Description
Payment Methods Choose the payment methods you want for this specific event. By default, if you don't choose anything, all the payment methods which you published on Payment Plugins Management section will be available for this event.
Fixed group price This settings will be used for group registration. If you enter a fixed group price here, the total registration price for the event will be this fixed value, it doesn't depends on the number of members in the group. So please only enter the value for this field if you need that fixed price feature
Paypal Email If you enter a Paypal email here, when users register for this event and choose Paypal as the payment method, the payment will go to this Paypal email account instead of the one you entered in the Paypal payment plugin parammeter.
Notification emails If you enter the emails here, when users register for this event, the notification email will be sent to these emails instead of the emails you entered in Configuration emails
Currency Code and Currency Symbol This settings allow this event uses a different currency than the one you choose in Configuration. So each event can has it own currency