New Registration Email

This is the email sent to administrator and registrant when registrant registers for an event.

Registration Email

  • For the email send to the person who makes the registration and administrator, You can use all tags as described in Common Tags

  • For admin, the subject and email can be configured in Admin Email Subject and Admin Email Body message items (in Registration Email Messages tab).

  • For registrant, the email subject and email body is also configured in Registration Email Messages tab and it depends on the payment method which registrant uses for the registration:

  • If it is paid event and registrant uses offline payment method, the subject and email is configured in User Email Subject and User Email Body (Offline Payment)

  • If registrant uses an online payment method such as PayPal or the event they registered for is free, the subject and email is configured in User Email Subject and User Email Body.

Please note that if it is needed, you can define these messages for each event on add/edit event page in Messages tab. If you enter messages inside the event, it will override the messages defined in Events Booking -> Emails & Messages.

Email send to group members

This is the email sent to group members in a group registration

  • [REGITRATION_DETAILS]: Contains all information of the registration
  • [DATE]
  • [ID]
  • For any custom fields which are collected for group members, you can use the syntax [NAME_OF_FIELD_IN_UPPERCASE] to include value of that custom field into the email message. For example [FIRST_NAME], [LAST_NAME], [EMAIL], [ADDRESS]....