Submit Location

Beside create a menu item to display user's locations and allow users to create location from frontend of your site, you can also create a menu item to allow users to click on to create new locaton directly. If you want to enable this feature on your site, please follow instructions below:

Permission configuration

You first need to configure your site to allow users to add locations from frontend of your site. Go o Events Booking -> Configuration (or any pages in Events Booking in administrator area), click on Options button in the toolbar, select the user group(s) you want to allow creating/managing locations (for example, Registered group), set Front-end Locations Creation permission to Allowed. Please note that permission settings in Joomla are inherited, so when you enable this permission for a child group (Registered in this example), all it's children groups (Author, Editor, Publisher in this example) will have this permission allowed, too.

Create Locations Permssion

Create menu item

Next, you will need to create a menu item to link to Submit Location menu option of Events Booking. Users can access to that menu item will see a form like below to allow them to create new location. He can later, select these locations for the events which he submit from frontend of your site.

Submit Location