Registration History

If your registrants have account on your site, you should create a menu item and select Registration History menu option of Events Booking so that your registrants can login, access to that menu item, see list of events which they registered, download invoices....

Registration History

Customize Registration History

Go to Events Booking -> Configuration, look at Themes tab, Registration History section, you can change some settings to:

  • Change default ordering of registration records displayed there
  • Choose to show/hide some other columns (Number Registrants, Amount, Registration Date, Registration Status, Transaction ID).

If you still want to customize it more, you will need to customize code in the file components/com_eventbooking/themes/default/history/default.php . Remember that once the change is done, you should move the modified file to PATH_TO_TEMPLATE/html/com_eventbooking/history folder so that the change won't be lost when you update to future releases of the extension.