Deposit Payment

Events Booking supports deposit payment feature. For each event, you can set deposit payment (by percent or by fixed amount) and then when registrants register for that event, they can choose to pay Deposit Amount or Full Amount. In case registrants pay deposit amount, they can pay the remaining amount later (manually when they come to attend the event or pay online before event started)

Setup deposit payment for your events.

  1. Go to Events Booking -> Configuration, find the config option Activate Deposit Feature, set it to Yes
  2. Edit the event which you want to enable Deposit payment, set Deposit Amount for that event
  3. Now, on registration form, registants can choose Full Payment or Deposit Payment in Payment Type option. If they choose Deposit Payment option, the Deposit amount will be calculated and showed so that they will see how much they have to pay for the deposit
  4. Registrants then complete the payment as standard registration

Notify registrants to pay remaining amount

You can setup Events Booking to notify registrants to make remaining payment amount certain days before event started. To do that, please:

  1. Go to Events Booking -> Emails & Messages, find and setup the email message will be sent to registrant to remind them about making payment: Deposit Payment Reminder Email Subject and Deposit Payment Reminder Email Body. For the tags which can be used in the email, please read Remaining Payment Reminder Email
  2. Go to Extensions -> Plugins, find and publish the plugin System - Events Booking Payment Reminder. This plugin will be run every 20 minutes, check and send payment reminder emails to users who use deposit payment for their registration to make payment for the due amount. This plugins have some parameters which you might want to change:
    • Number Days: How many days before event starts the system should send payment reminder
    • Number Registrants: How many registrants the system should send reminder each time the plugin runs. You should not set it to a high value to avoid timeout during sending emails (or reach the mail limit your hosting allow to be sent each hour). Default value is 15, should be enough.
    • BCC Email: You can enter an email here if you want to monitor the payment reminder email. Each time the system send payment reminder email to your registrant, a copy of that email will be sent to the email you entered into that setting so that you can monitor it.

Pay remaining amount

If registrants select Deposit Payment option for the registration, they will need to pay the remaining amount for the registration. There are different ways to do that:

  1. They pay the remaining amount manually when they attend the event or via bank transfer. When you receive payment, you should go to Events Booking -> Registrants, find the registration record, set Payment Status for that record to Full Payment.
  2. In case they have an account, they can login, access to Registration History, see his registration record, click on Make Payment button to process payment
  3. If registrants don't have an account on your site, you can insert the tag [DEPOSIT_PAYMENT_LINK] into User Email Body and User Email Body (Offline Payment) messages (in Events Booking -> Emails & Messages or in Advanced Settings tab of the event). Then when registrants want to make payment, they will just have to look at the Confirmation Emails they received when register for event, click on the link above to complete the registration