Use Email Logs

Sometime, you could see that email could not be delivered to administrator or subscribers from your site. To troubleshot this problem, you can use Emails Logs feature in the extension:

  1. Go to Membership Pro -> Configuration, set Log Emails config option to Yes
  2. Then subscribe for the plan again. If the plan is a paid subscription plan, you will need to pay for the subscription (or use offline payment method) for the email to be sent
  3. Access to Membership Pro , then Tools -> Emails Logs. There it will display logged emails:
    • If you see the email for your test subscription logged there, that mean Membership Pro has called Joomla! API to send email to subscriber and administrator already. If they do not receive email for some reasons, try to change to use a different email. If it still does not work, you need to contact the hosting provider, ask them to check to see why email is not delivered (it's the job of mail server to deliver email, so if email could not be delivered, it is out of Membership Pro control)
    • If you do not see email logged, that mean there is something wrong with Membership Pro. In this case, please submit a support ticket so that we can check it further.