Use Joomla ACL

Every Joomla item (espcially items from Joomla core) such as Menu Items, Modules, Categories, Articles, EDocman Documents.... has a field called Access to control who (users from what groups) can access/ view that item. Base on that basic principle, we can setup Membership Pro so that only subscribers from the subscription plan(s) can access to these items (but public members and normal registered users cannot). The steps are:

  1. Login to administrator area of your site using a super admin account.
  2. Access to Users -> Groups -> Add New Group to create a new Joomla Group called Subscribers. This should be child group of Registered user group.
  3. Access to Users -> Access Levels -> Add New Access Level to create a new access level called Subscribers. Only choose Subscribers user group for this access level.
  4. Follow the instructions at Joomla Groups integration to assign subscribers of the plan to Subscribers group
  5. Edit the item (modules, menu items, articles...) you want to allow subscribers from this memebership plan to access to, set Access property of that item to Subscribers (the access level which you created in step #3)

By doing that, when users sign up for this subscription plan, they will be assigned to Subscribers user group, thus has Subscribers access level and can access/see the items which you restricted. After their subscription expired, they will be removed from Subscribers group and lost the Subscribers access level, so they could not access/see these items anymore. As you can see, we can assign subscribers of different subscription plans to different Joomla groups, so you can give them access to different restricted resources based on the plans they sign up. Hope you get the idea and can setup it to meet your need :).