Membership Pro Offline Recurring Invoice

When you need to use this plugin

This plugin can be used if you:

  • Have recurring subscription plans on your site
  • You allow subscribers to use offline payment method to subscribe for these recurring subscription plans

How does it work

When this plugin is enabled, it will be run every 6 hours. Each time the plugin runs, it will find offline subscription records which will be expired in the next 10 days (Number of days can be configured in plugin parameter) and:

  • Create a renewal subscription record with Pending subscription status
  • Send an invoice (Pending status) to subscriber so that they know about this renewal and makes payment for the renewal manually (via bank transfer for example)
  • After receiving payment for that renewal, administrator will approve/publish the renewal record to extend the active subscription for the subscriber.

Enable and configure the plugin

  1. Go to Extensions -> Plugins, find and publish System - Membership Pro Offline Recurring Invoice plugin. Setup it's parameters (Cache Time, Number Subscribers, Number Days, Renewal Subscription Status...) if needed. However, default values for these parameters should be good enough
  2. Go to Membership Pro -> Emails & Messages, look at Recurring Subscription Messages tab, find and setup the following email messages (which will be used to send emails to subscriber when the renewal happens containing the invoice):
    • Offline Recurring Email Subject
    • Offline Recurring Email Body