When you purchase the payment plugin, you will receive a zip file called Go to Membership Pro -> Payment Plugins to install it as any other payment plugin. See for installation instructions if needed.


  1. Click on the payment plugin to edit, enter payment plugin parameters, then publish it
  • Instance Name: This is is a part of the url where you access your Payrexx installation. For example, if the URL of your payrexx installation is , then joomdonation is Instance Name.
  • API Key : Login to your payrexx installation, access to Integrations -> API & Plugins and get API Key from there.
  1. You will also access to Integrations -> Webhooks and setup webhook with the following settings:
  • Webhook URL :

(Of course, need to replace with your site url)

  • Events: Only select Transactions

  • Webhook Type: Select Normal (PHP-Post)