Renew Options

If you enable renewal for the subscription plan, subscribers can renew their membership to be remain as an active subscriber in the system:

  1. If you don't setup any renew options, when subscribers renew their membership for the plan, he will have to pay the same price with the price of the subscription plan and their membership will be extended X days / Weeks / Months / Years (with X is subscritption length of the plan)
  2. If you setup renew options, subscribers can choose the best renew option they want to renew their membership. Each renew option will have different price and will extend subscribers membership to a certain date (less time, less price, more time, more price). For example, if you have a subscription plan with subscription length 3 months and price 60$, you can create different renew options like that to give more renew options to your subscribers:
    • Renew membership for 1 month, the price will be 20$
    • Renew membership for 2 months, the price will be 36$ (the pricec is abit less to ecourage subscribers renew longer)
    • Renew membership for 4 months, the price will be 70$... and so on

Renew Options Setup