Content - Membership Plans

This plugin allows you to display list of subscription plans you want in a Joomla article(or on any page which implement Joomla content plugin like in K2 item)

If you want to use this feature, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Extensions -> Plugins, find the plugin Content - Membership Plans, click on it to edit. Choose the layout you want (default, columns or pricing table layout) in Layout parameter. Remember to change the Status to Enabled, then press Save button in the toolbar
  2. Now, edit the article you want to display subscription plans, enter the syntax below:
    • {membershipplans ids="*"} => it will display all published plans in the article.
    • {membershipplans ids="cat-3"} => It will display all subscription plans from the category with ID = 3
    • {membershipplans ids="2,4,5"} => It will display all subscription plans with ID = 2, 4, OR 5.