Don't receive email when subscribe to plan

Sometime, you might see that when someone subscribe to your plan, he doesn't receive any confirmation email from the system and you as administrator, don't receive notification as well. There are few things you should check first:

  1. First, please check and make sure mail settings on your site is correct. To do that, login to administrator area of your site, access to System - Global Configuration, look at Server tab, mail settings section. There is a button to allow sending test email, click on that button then check and make sure the target email receive email address. If you receive that test email, the mail settings is correct. If not, you will have to correct it until it works (contact your hosting provider if needed)
  2. Check and make sure mail settings in Membership Pro is correct. Go to Membership Pro -> Configuration, look at Mail Settings section. If you enter something into From Name and From Email settings there, try to empty it and test it again. If it works, then there is a problem with that custom From Name and From Email (different from From Name and From Email settings in Global Configuration of your site) and you have to correct these settings (or empty it)
  3. Try to use different emails. Sometime, the mail server of your hosting provider could not deliver email to some kind of email address (for example a gmail or a hotmail email), so better, test it using a different email. If it works with a different email but doesn't work with some emails, you will have to contact your hosting provider and ask them to check it for you
  4. Go to Membership Pro -> Configuration, there is a setting called Log Emails Types. Choose to log New subscription emails, then test it again. After completing the subscription, go to Membership Pro -> Subscriptions for example, access to Tools -> Emails Logs. If you see some emails displays there, that mean Membership Pro already calls Joomla API for sending email. If email is not delivered for some reasons, it is a problem with mail server of your hosting provider. Please try to contact them, ask them to check their server logs to see why email is not delivered. They should be able to check and tell you the reasons so that you can correct it