Recurring Settings

Membership Pro supports recurring subscription feature. When subscribers sign up for a recurring subscription plan, the subscription will continue being renewed automatically until he cancel it or number of renewals reach the Number Payments setup by admin for the subscription plan.

Recurring settings

To make a plan become recurring subscription plan, you need to set Recurring Subscription property of that plan to Yes. There are addition parameters which you can setup for a recurring subscription plan as explained below:

  1. Trial Duration: If you to give subscribers of this subscription plan a trial duration, setup the trial duration here. Usually, trial duration should be shorter than subscription length, it could be X days/ weeks / months / years. When setup trial duration, you will need to determine the trial price which subscribers will have to pay for that trial duration, too.
  2. Trial amount: This is the price subscribers have to pay for the trial duration you setup above. You you want to have free trial, you can set Trial amount to 0 (or leave it empty)
  3. Number Payments: If you want the subscription ends after certain number of payments, you can enter Number Payments here. Otherwise, leave it empty and the renewal will continue happens unless subscribers or administrator cancel it.