Restrict access to SP Page Builder Pages


This method can be used if you want to restrict access to pages created by SP PageBuilder extension. When someone tries to access to a restricted page and doesn't have an active subscription of the required subscription plan, he will be redirected to the plans list page with a message ask him to sign up for the needed plans.

Setup and Configure

  1. Go to Extensions -> Plugins Manager, find and publish the plugin System - Membership Schedule SPPageBuilder.
  2. Now, when you add/edit a subscription plan, you will see a new tab called SP PageBuilder Restriction Settings displays SP Page Builder categories and pages which you created.
  3. In the Categories section, you can select the categories you want and all pages belong to these selected categories will be accessible by subscribers of this plan.
  4. In the Pages section, you can select the individual pages you want and these pages will be accessible by subscribers of this plan.

SP Page Builder Restrictions Setup

Plugin Paramerers

  • Redirect URL: Enter URL of the page which you want to redirect none-subscribers to when try to access to your restricted article. This should be URL of the page which display list of subscription plans so that users can sign up to access to your articles. Leave it empty and the system will detect the URL automatically
  • Display Pages in Profile: If you set it to Yes, when subscribers access to his user profile , he will see a tab called My pages which display list of available pages for his subscription. He can then click on the page he wants to see the details page
  • Release pages older than X days: If you enter a number here, the pages will be released and accessible after that number of days since it's created date.

Plugin parameters