Getting Help

When you setup and use Membership Pro extension, if you have any questions or need supports from us, please use one of the following support chanels to get support from us:

  1. Search Membership Pro forum for the answer to your question. It is very likely that someone uses Membership Pro before you had the same qusestion, posted their question on forum and got it answered already. In case you could not find any forum topic has the answer you need, please open a new topic.
  2. Login to our website and submit a new ticket to Membership Pro category:
  3. Drop us an email to
  4. Use Contact Form at our website:
  5. Contact me directly via Skype for urgent support. My Skype nickname is os.tuanpn

We will try to get back to you within 24 hours (or earlier) in weekday and in 48 hours during weekend.

If you send us an email (to or via contact form) but didn't receive our response, it is very likey that we missed your email for some reasons. In that case, please do help by re-sending the email. We never ignore any customers, so it is un-usual that we don't reply your email / support request.

When you receive response from us via support ticket asking for more information, please do reply via support ticket. Please don't reply via email. We should keep communication in one place only. If you reply via email, we might miss your email (we receive so many emails per day) and might forgot to reply you.

If your support request is related to how the extension work, please post it on forum. We will answer you directly on forum so that other customers can see the answer.

If your support request is related to a bug in the extension which you found, please submit support ticket, that's the prefered way. When you submit support ticket, you should include super admin account of your site to reduce the time. For a bug fixing support request, it is very likely that we will have to edit code directly on your server, so sending super admin account to us when you submit ticket will save time of both of us