Membership Card

Membership Pro alllows you setup the system to allow subscribers to download PDF membership card from their user profile when they subscribe for any of your subscription plans which has Member Card enabled.

Enable Member Card

First, you need to go to Membership Pro -> Configuration, look at Member Card Settings tab, set Activate Member Card Feature config option to Yes.

Please note that Member Card feature needs to be enabled for each subscription plan, so if you created subscription plans before enabling this option, you need to edit the plan you want, look at Member Card Settings setting tab, set Activate Member Card parameter of that plan to Yes.

Design Member Card

Membership Pro -> Configuration, look at Member Card Settings tab, look at Member Card Layout parameter and design the default Member Card layout for all of your plans. If you have a special plan which needs to use it's separate Member Card Layout, edit that plan, change Member Card Layout directly from that plan settings.

Member card settings

Plan Information


Member Information

  • [NAME] (Combine of First Name + Last Name)
  • [EMAIL]
  • [USER_ID]
  • [ADDRES2]
  • [CITY]
  • [STATE]
  • [PHONE]
  • [FAX]
  • Any custom fields using the syntax [NAME_OF_FIELD_IN_UPPERCASE], for example, if you have a custom field name registration_type, then the tag is [REGISTRATION_TYPE]

Subscriptions Information

  • [SUBSCRIPTIONS] (This tag will show list of subscriptions of the member)

How Subscribers can download member card

If you enable this feature, when subscriber login and access to User Profile, he will see a Download Member Card link which allow clicking on to Download Member Card

Download Member Cards

Use [QRCODE] To Check Membership Status

If you want to check membership status of your member, you can insert [QRCODE] tag in the member card layout and use built-in QR CODE Scanner to check membership status. See QRCODE Scanner for detailed instructions.