Update Does Not Work

If you get the following error messages while trying to update to latest version of Membership Pro of your site:

Error Failed to download package. Download it and install manually from https://www.joomdonation.com/index.php?option=com_dms&task=download_update_package&document_id=97.

  • First, please make sure you are having an active subscription of the extension (subscription will be valid one year when you purchase). If your subscription is expired, please renew it.

  • Check and make sure you already configured Download ID as described at https://membershipprodoc.joomservices.com/getting-started/installation#use-joomla-update

  • If you already configured Download ID, maybe that Download ID was used on a different website already (could be on dev version of your site). In this case, login to your account on our website, access to https://joomdonation.com/download-ids.html , generate a new Download ID and use that new generated Download ID for your website