After perform basic configuration, the next step would be setup Categories. When customers submit suppor ticket, they must choose a category which they want to request for support (each category could be a department on your company, a product or anything..., it really depends on your own requirement).

Access to Helpdesk Pro -> Categories to go to categories management page.


Add new category

Press New button in the toolbar to create new category. A form will be displayed to allow you to enter information of the category:

Add New Category

Title Title of the category. It will be displayed in categories dropdown when customers submit ticket.
Parent Select parent of this category. Set it to Select Category and it will become top level category.
Access Level Choose the access level for this category (usually Public). By choosing an access level, only users has this access level can submit ticket to thecategory.
Managers If you want to give some users permission to manage tickets submitted to this category, enter username of the manager(s) into this parameter. If a category has multiple managers, simply enter their username into this field (comma separatd, for example admin,tuanpn).
Description Description of the category. As of right now, category is not displayed anywhere, it will just be used for managing purpose only, leave this empty if you want.
Category Type Tickets, Knowledge base or Both. If set to Tickets, the category will be displayed on submit ticket form. If set to Knowledge base, it will be displayed on a create knowledge base article form.