User Roles

In the most simple case, there will only be 2 user roles in the system: Customer (who needs support) and Admin (who replies to support requests). However, Helpdesk Pro also supports two optional user roles in the system:

  1. Customer: Customers are users who use products or services from your company and need support. When they need support, they will go to your site to submit support tickets.
  2. Admin: Have highest permission in the system. Admin can manage and replies to tickets from all categories in the system.
  3. Manager: In case you have many support categories, you can assign Managers to each category. When a user is assigned to be a manager of a the category, he can manage and reply to all tickets from that assigned category.
  4. Staff: In some case, you might have different support staffs. Each staff can only see and reply the tickets which he is assigned to. When a support ticket is received, Admin or Manager can assign that ticket to one staff.