Basic Concept

Helpdesk Pro is a tool allows you to provide support for your customers (who use your products/services... of your company). Below is the workflow:

Customer submit support ticket

When customers need support, they will go to your site, access to Submit Ticket menu item to submit a support ticket. By default, while submitting ticket, they need to provide some information such as Subject, Message (describes the problem they are having or how they want to supported...), upload attachments (images/documents...) to provide more information about the support request.

If it's needed, you can create custom fields to collect more information about support request. Each support category can have different custom fields.

New Ticket Notification

When customers support ticket, your company will receive notification email about that support request. Depends on how you setup the system:

  • If the category which the ticket is submitted to have Managers defined (multiple Managers for a category is possible), the manager(s) will receive notification about the ticket.
  • If the category does not have Managers, the emails which you setup to receive notification (usually Administrator email) will receive notification about this ticket.

Assign Ticket To Staff

This is optional process. In case your company has multiple staffs, Admin/Managers after receiving ticket can assign ticket to one staff. In this case, when a staff login, he will see list of assigned support tickets, see a ticket details and reply to the ticket. When he replies to a ticket, Admin/Managers will receive notification about the response (to monitor the support progress if needed)

Reply To Ticket

Admin/Manage/Staff can access to a pages to see the open tickets which they have to work on. From there, they can click on each ticket to see the support request details and reply to the ticket. Reply to a ticket is a simple process, they will just add a comment to answer customer about the problem and maybe upload attachments to the response, too.

When Admin/Manage/Staff add comment to ticket, customer who submitted that ticket will receive notification email from the system. If Staff add comment to ticket, The Admin/Managers will be notified (for managing/monitoring purpose)

Customer Reply To Ticket

When Admin/Managers/Staff reply to a ticket, customers will receive notification and continue adding more comments to the ticket until the problem is solved. When customer replies, Admin/Managers/Staff will received notification from the system.

Rate And Close Ticket

When the support request is completed, customers can close and rate for the ticket. Admin/Managers can close support ticket, too.